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    Jiemei Weddings, a made to measure eventconcept by MTM Events. Jiemei Weddings
    specializes in customized event decorations & planning for WEDDINGS & BIRTHDAYS
    celebrations all over Singapore.We believe that everyone has a dream wedding in mind,
    piecing each and every idea they have together just for that one special day of their life.
    Shopping for ideas on photoshoot settings,florals arrangements, invitation cards,
    wedding hall,decorations, wedding gifts, transportation, sweets, we could just go on
    and on… That’s where we step in...From suggesting of ideas, sourcing & fabricating of
    props, designing, styling, setting up, coordinating to execution on your wedding day,we
    got them all covered . With the wide range of made to measure services , theme
    customization and our warehouse that is filled with huge & mini decorating props to
    choose from, we aim to achieve the ideal wedding setting to create that personalized
    wedding experience for every couple.